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Apple Will Directly Jump From iPhone 7 to iPhone 8

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As per Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz, Apple will skip the incremental ‘s’ iPhone variant release next year and would jump directly to iPhone 8. Moskiqitz feels that the iPhone 8 launch in 2017 will be the biggest upgrade ever since 2014’s iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 launch. He believes iPhone 8 will feature OLED display, wireless charging and no home button, calling it a ‘mega cycle’ upgrade.¬†However, he is not too optimistic about this year’s iPhone 7 launch.

According to Moskowitz, iPhone 7 will be more of a regular incremental upgrade except for the loss of headphone jack which could possible give way to smart wireless EarPods. Usual tweaks and upgraded hardware components are definitely to be seen around as is the case in every iPhone release.

The Barclays analyst also predict that Apple will sell around 1.8 percent lesser iPhones than in 2015. This is in contradiction to his earlier prediction of a 2.6 percent increase for 2016.

With the iPhone sales slowing, it would be interesting to see Apple go with the back-to-back years of incremental iPhone releases. Talking about numbers, even a 1.8 percent dip would still be an absolute of around 228 million iPhones in count.

There is still some time we need to wait for in order to be sure of where Mark’s predictions stand. His claims are prettu much in line though with the most recent reports by a very reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Recently, Kuo also indicated that the 2017 iPhone will sport an all-glass enclosure instead of the usual aluminium one.

What are your plans- upgrade to the upcoming iPhone 7 or rather wait for the iPhone 8?



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