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Indian Market Witness A Sharp Rise In iPhone Prices

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Just after the Union Budget was announced, Apple decided to increase the prices of all the smartphones. The Cupertino giant may have been forced to do so, as its latest smartphone, iPhone SE, failed to create an impression in the Indian market. Sources say that only a few thousand units have been sold.

Heavy discounts were offered between January and March 2016 by the company, but now, in order to drive the sales of SE they are discontinued.

The latest smartphone of Apple was the subject of mass criticism ever since it was launched, owing it to its size and the high price tag.

Previously, the 16GB version of iPhone 6 was available for Rs 31,000 and 6s was priced at 40,500. The price of iPhone 6 saw a hike of 29%, and it now costs Rs 40,000 and you can get 6s for Rs 48000. This puts the iPhone SE in a competitive range, starting at Rs 39,000 for 16GB and Rs 49,000 for the 64GB version.


The price hike has also impacted the iPhone 5s, which has seen a 22 percent increment its price. The phone was available for Rs 18,000 around a month back and the new expected price is Rs 22000.

Apple has come up with new measures to boost the sales, it will now offer the phones on a leased price to corporates. The details are yet to be revealed.

Another major concern for the SE is its small screen size (4 inches). In a market where people are increasingly moving towards phablets, the smaller size iPhones will find a few buyers.



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