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New Videos Show Apple’s Spaceship Campus 2 Construction Progress

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A couple of videos posted recently on YouTube show an up-close look of the main ‘spaceship’ building at Apple’s Spaceship Campus 2 headquarters. These videos include the view of the underground access tunnels and the structure’s inner courtyard.

The first video captured by a cement truck driver gives a brief glimpse of the magnificent ring structure that is expected to accommodate 12,000 employees. Although there have been previous drone videos showing the construction process, this one gives more of an up-close view of the sheer scare of what Apple is building upon.

The central courtyard, as per the architectural renderings released earlier this month, will sport outdoor eating areas with at least two food stations.

The second video shows the truck driver entering and passing through what is called as the Gate 5 Tunnel. Check it out below:

There have been official photos shared across by Apple of the Campus 2 construction, with the most recent being of the installation of a large carbon fiber roof in order to cover an above-the-ground theater entrance.



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