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Setting Up Windows 95 On Apple Watch Out Of Nostalgia

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Apple Watch has been experimented a lot ever since its launch an year ago. However, one special hacker Nick Lee who just couldn’t satisfy himself by installing the third party apps and instead went on to install Windows 95 on Apple Watch.

Nick Lee went on to proceed with this totally out of nostalgia for the Windows 95 computer he grew up with. He achieved it by patching some files in the WatchKit development framework to witness it in his own app. The app in this case was a 20 year old disk image. It sure works, all you need is time and patience for the new system to boot up.

You got to check out this video to believe this:

This video is a time-lapse and here’s the reason Nick Lee gave in a Medium post, “Due to the fact that it is emulated (not virtualized), it takes about an hour to boot.”

The device seen on the top in the video with that red wand coming out is the motor Lee used to attach it to the Digital Crown so as to prevent the Apple Watch from going into the sleep mode amidst the loading of the OS.

Five years ago, Lee came with an app which was initially perceived an app to customize flashlight, but it turned out as a way to convert your iPhone into a 3G modem. Though it was a nice try, Apple was smart enough to catch it and pull it off the App Store.

Lee also ported Mac OS 7.5.5 onto his Apple Watch and sees himself in the company of good developers like Billy Ellis who had both OS X Yosemite and iOS 4.2.1 running on his own device.

Again, it is still way out-of-the-box to have seen Windows 95 on Apple Watch.



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