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Sharing Files To Google Hangouts Gets Easier on iPhone

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Some good news for Google Hangouts users: it is now simpler to share stuff with your Google contacts on iPhone and iPad. In the latest update to Google Hangouts viz version 9.0, iOS’ share extension finally comes into picture. In short, you can now share links and files to Google Hangouts directly from other apps.

To add more to this update, Hangouts is likely to consume less power on video calls if you are running on the Low Power Mode. Here’s the exact description of What’s New on App Store:

  • Share extension – share text, links, pictures and video from other iOS apps
  • Automatically turn off video when in low power mode

As per the usual process, you will be required to turn on the Hangouts share extension by tapping the Share button and further moving to the More screen to toggle on the Hangouts extension.

Go ahead and check out the same by experiencing the new update. Hit the app download link below:

Download Google Hangouts on iOS



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