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Apple Acknowledges App Store Search Issue

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There have been a number of iOS users who started to report issues with the search in App Store today with undesired results being showed. Moreover, some popular apps like Tweetbot, Google’s apps and spotify did not show up in the results even on searching the exact keyword.

As per Reddit user northernsteel, Apple has accepted the search issue and it is being worked upon.

I spoke to Apple Support, it’s an ongoing issue with search they’re working to resolve. Nothing has been pulled from the store.

Here’s what Apple says on its search page in acknowledgement of the App Store search issue:

Users are experiencing a problem with the App Store. We are investigating and will update the status as more information becomes available.

The issue also seems to be impacting the Mac App Store too with Apple’s major tool Xcode not showing up in the search results. The direct app links are not impacted.



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