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Apple to compete Amazon Echo by opening Siri to third-party apps

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A new Apple product might just be in the making with the evolution of Siri to rival Amazon’s highly successful Echo device. However, in order to be right up in line with the device’s services and features, Apple has plans to allow third-party apps to access Siri.

The iPhone-maker is gearing up to open Siri to apps not developed by Apple and at the same time is also working on a device similar to Amazon Echo having a microphone and a speaker which can be used to get news headlines, turn on music or even set a timer on the go.

“Opening up its Siri voice assistant to outside app developers is the more immediate step,” reports the Information. There might well be a new Siri SDK release at the WWDC 2016 scheduled for next month.

While there is no word as to when would Apple launch the Amazon Echo competitor, Amazon recently made an announcement about Amazon Tap and Echo Dot and Google on the other hand talked about the Home device at I/O last week.



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