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Apple iPhone 7 could support wireless charging

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If we look at the last four months, the iPhone-maker, according to The Verge, has hired two people from uBeam which is an expert in wireless charging. A number of devices currently out in the market that support wireless charging do require a direct contact with the charging dock. However, uBeam has been working on a way to charge wireless using the ultrasonic waves and not require physical contact of the device. uBeam was a part of the controversy last week wherein a former engineer came up and claimed that the used technology doesn’t work as shown and may not be suitable for shipping a product.

Talking about hiring, Apple has picked over a dozen people in the last couple of years who are experts in the wireless charging domain. If we look at the patents that Apple has filed in the past, there are few that deal with distance charging. According to a January report, the company was also working closely with the suppliers in order to upgrade iPhone and iPad in 2017. There was a patent filed in 2012 by Apple which related to charging a device within a three feet distance. However, the company wants to take it a step ahead by letting the charge when it is in the same room.

An issue that is possible with distance charging is the loss of energy even though the phenomenon is theoretically feasible and possible. The direct contact wireless charging too is slower than the USB charging. If we talk about wireless charging and Apple, there’s only the Apple Watch that supports it.

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