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Apple Music Student Plan Can Be Availed At $5

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With over 13 million subscribers Apple Music already, the company is now looking to target students as willing customers to spend money on the services. Students have been of the one of the largest customer bases for Apple throughout.

Having kept that in mind, Apple on Thursday launched an all new Apple Music Student plan for higher education students which has halved the per month cost from $9.99 to $4.99 in the United States. The new membership plan is currently available only in select countries- U.K., Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. It might as well be rolled out to other countries depending on how successful it gets.

The reduced pricing plans can be availed for a period of maximum four years after sign up. However, it isn’t mandatory that the four years are consecutive, the students may take breaks between semesters. To ensure that the students are actually enrolled as what they claim, Apple has tied up with UNiDAY as a student verification technology partner.


As per a poll, students long more for iPhones and iPads when compared to drinking, partying or hooking up, Apple Music Student plan might just become a hit for the company.

In the upcoming WWDC event in June this year, Apple Music is believed to get a major user interface changeover focusing more on easy navigation and improved integration of streaming and download options. Beats online radio service might also get an expansion with the same.

Image: CNET

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