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How to completely backup iPhone, iPad using iTunes

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In today’s world, we carry almost all the information in our phones. This makes it very important for the data backup to be done on regular basis. Why? Because trouble never knocks the door before arriving and you would not want to lose out on your data.

Check out specifications of Apple devices

Here, we are giving you all the steps and requirements to back up your iOS device using iTunes. Let’s have a look at what all do you need to kick off the process:

  1. Laptop/desktop running the latest iTunes version
  2. Lightning cable
  3. iOS device to be backed up

Now that you have all that you require, let’s get started:

  1. Connect your device to the computer and open the iTunes application
  2. Save the iTunes downloaded content by navigating to File > Devices > Transfer Purchases. Press Control+B if you are unable to spot the File menu.
  3. On the device screen, select whether or not you want to encrypt the backup- please make sure you write down the password somewhere you set at this stage
  4. Click on the Back Up now to start the backup process
  5. Once the backup is done, you can verify the same by navigating to Preferences > Devices and spot the name of your device along with the date and time of backup creation

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