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This iOS 10 Concept Video takes care of your Wish List

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While it is always fun to think about the upcoming iPhone 7 and what the features it might be packed with, we are currently focusing on the software side of it. There has been no official reports on what iOS 10 would comprise of but this iOS 10 concept video by Ralph Theodory offers an insight of what possibly could be done with Apple’s operating system.

There has been one feature in this video which comes out to be an important one viz. removal of the pre-installed Apple apps. Also, iOS 10 could display a special folder showing all the apps that are disabled and an option to restore/reinstall them as and when required. The other wish-list ideas shown include using of 3D Touch for speed dialing and the camera being capable of reading bar-codes.

Check out iPhone 7 concept video

A redesigned and improved version of Apple Music has also been shown in this iOS 10 concept video. Watch the video below for yourself and tell us what you would want to add to it.



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