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iPhone 7 Plus Will Offer Dual-Camera Lens For No Extra Cost

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As per new reports, you will not be required to shed out any extra money for a high-end iPhone 7 Plus housing a dual-lens camera. As claimed by a reliable analyst, owing to increase in demand of greater smartphone cameras, Apple now plans to provide the dual-lens camera on all iPhone 7 Plus models.

It was quite some time ago that Apple came up with the best camera a phone could have and there was none that came anywhere close to it. However, that is not the scenario now. According to the DxOMark experts, Sony, HTC and Samsung are selling smartphones which can take better photos than an iPhone. And this is something Apple would really want to change considering the way it promotes iPhone cameras. One such way to improve on the imaging front is by delivering a dual-lens camera and thereby providing optical zoom.

If rumors are to be believed, Apple has been planning to come up with a dual-lens camera for a long time now. However, as per KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it is likely to happen in 2016. Also, contradictory to the earlier reports, there would not be any such need to buy the special iPhone 7 Plus model to attain a dual-lens camera.


“In a previous report, we said the new 5.5-inch iPhone model (referred to as iPhone 7 Plus), to be launched in 2H16, may come in two versions: one with rear single-camera and the other with rear dual-camera,” according to a note Kuo issued to investors on Wednesday.

“However, we now believe Apple (US) will only roll out the dual-camera version in 2H16, with 3GB RAM to meet image processing requirements, and we estimate shipments of this model in 2016F of 20-30mn units.”

There is no word however on how things would work with the smaller iPhone 7.



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