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iPhone 7 Will Likely Have Same Height and Width as iPhone 6s

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With the iPhone 7 launch nearing up, there has been a word that it may not move away from the curvaceous iPhone 6 or 6s design. A new schematic released shows that the upcoming iPhone 7 will feature an identical height and width as last year’s iPhone 6s.

What do you think- should be good or not? Have a look at this new rumored schematic.


There are always a lot of chances that the leaks are wrong, nonetheless, there have been a number of clues now suggesting that Apple will not make any such changes in the specs and design of the upcoming iPhone 7. However, there is a high possibility that Apple will bring revolutionary changes in the next year’s launch of iPhone which would also mark the tenth birthday anniversary of Apple’s iPhone. There are also reports that Apple might skip iPhone 7s and move directly to iPhone 8.

iPhone 7 might also bid farewell to the 3.5mm headphone jack and also add a dual-lens camera along with a faster Apple A10 processor chip. Initially, there were reports Apple would bring in the Smart Connector from the Pro series to the iPhone, but then it does not really look like the case now. Also, the upcoming iPhone will be the first one after the announcement of declining sales, so it would not really be a surprise if Apple sticks to the same design for third consecutive year.


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