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iPhone robbery in NYC Subway ends in a blood scene

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It was on Friday morning that Brooklyn police arrive at the busy Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center train station after a 33-year-old man travelling in N train was stabbed. The attacker stabbed the victim in his stomach after stealing his iPhone when the Coney Island-destined train pulled into the subway station.

The emergency responders arrived at the location soon after the incident was reported at 11:35AM after which the victim was taken to the hospital. He was there treated for non-life-threatening injuries in spite of some serious hard stabbing.

The iPhone maker has always been making efforts to add software and hardware to make the device less appealing to thieves. With the inclusion of TouchID and Activation Lock, the iPhone robbery cases dropped by 40% in San Francisco and by 25% in New York in the last one year.

According to the eyewitnesses present at the scene, the attacker had been hopping on the same route route before he finally attached some one. The police has still not been able to get hold of the attacker and is believed to have tattoo on the neck and a bold lettered jacket. Tough to catch with these hints I suppose.

Have you been ever robbed off your iPhone? All we hope for that no one comes under such a situation ever.



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