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Leaked iPhone 7 confirms similar design as iPhone 6s

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The launch of the iPhone is a little more than a quarter away and another leaked iPhone 7 has surfaced up indicating that the next generation handset might look just as the existing iPhone 6s model.

An image circulating on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo apparently shows the rear panel of 4.7-inch gold iPhone 7. It looks pretty similar to the existing iPhone 6s along with a few distinguishing points- antenna lines having been moved to top and bottom of the handset and a new component aroudn the iSight camera which might possibly a laser auto-focus system.


The leaked iPhone 7 image doesn’t really look that real because we all know how easy it is these days to fake out things using well known photo editing tools in the market. And it thereby wouldn’t be much of importance to lay emphasis on this one. There hasn’t been a single leaked image before this one which shows an extra component that of the laser auto-focus system.

Apple has been saving up much of their innovations and best features of the 2017-iPhone and hence it makes it a little more obvious to not have major redesign in the upcoming iphone 7. A few tweaks here and there might surely come up though.

Do you have plans to upgrade to the upcoming iPhone 7? If yes, which phone(or rather iPhone) are you currently using?

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