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Leaked iPhone 7 screen protector confirms same designs as iPhone 6s

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iPhone 7 is indeed promising a number of internal hardware modifications than we can think of, but something to ponder upon is the redesign of the iPhone overall as compared to the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6s.

A new leaked image posted online of the glass screen protector designed for the upcoming iPhone 7 does confirm the design to be same as that of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s. The image posted by Pocket-lint of the iPhone 7 screen protector states that the picture was clicked during the “Computers Unlimited Exposed” event that recently took place in London. Made by Cygnett, the protector looks more or less like the one used for the existing iPhone 6s. What differs is the presence of two sensor holes on the top instead of one in the current one.

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The upcoming iPhone 7 release is considered as one of the important ones as it is coming across the time where the iPhone sales are declining. Having said that, no leak yet has suggested a redesign of the new iPhone and might as well be similar to the existing one.

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