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Siri’s answers sound like music[Video]

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Siri can solve most math problems! But can the answer be converted to mind boggling rhythms? A set of three students, created a musical note with Siri, when one of them asked Siri what 1 Trillion to the 10th power is. When the answer is being given out, he starts beatboxing with the sound of zero being played in the background.

There is another such video, with a different guy beatboxing to the same question! Watch both the videos below:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Although the videos have been doing rounds in social media for quite sometime, it is still a treat to watch them again and again.



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Lakshay Ahuja

Lakshay Ahuja

Lakshay is a hardcore techie who has a keen eye for what is happening in the tech world. Having developed a number of iOS apps, he has always been updated with Apple's innovations.

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