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Time Magazine Declares iPhone As The ‘Most Influential Gadget’

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Apple’s consumer electronics have always seen themselves at the top of the record books. This time around, Time Magazine’s list of 50 most influential gadgets of all times puts iPhone, Macintosh and iPod at first, third and ninth spots respectively. Apple’s other products, iPad and iBook stand at 25 and 38 in the mentioned order.

Sony Walkman stands at four, Kodak’s Brownie camera at eight and consoles from Nintendo, Sony and Atari scattered throughout the list. Time codes iPhone as ‘the first truly powerful computer in the pockets of millions of users’.

“Smartphones had technically existed for years,” they write, “but none came together as accessibly and beautifully as the iPhone.”


Talking about Macintosh, Time reminds us of how Steve Jobs introduced the Mac which changed the way people interact with computers. “High costs and Microsoft’s successful Windows software conspired to keep the Mac a perennial runner-up,” says Time. “But it forever set the standard for the way human beings interact with computers.”

Of iPod, it came as a huge hit in the market of music players. Apple did not really invent the MP3 players, they just made it easy to maintain a music library digitally. With iPod came the iTunes store which brought life to the dying music industry and is now one of the world’s largest music e-retailer.

“The iPod’s importance extends far beyond music,” writes Time. “It was an entire generation’s introduction to Apple’s easy-to-use products and slick marketing.”

It is always a pleasure to see Apple having its products across the Time Magazine’s list of 50 Most Influential Gadgets. What are your thoughts on this? Share in the comments below.



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