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WhatsApp Desktop App Released for Mac and Windows

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The rumors come out to be true yet again. WhatsApp has officially launched its desktop app for Mac and Windows platform thereby stamping its presence of apps on all the major platform.

Before today, it was only possible to use WhatsApp on PC using third-party apps or of course using the WhatsApp Web feature. According to WhatsApp, they have introduced the desktop app to let people “stay in touch anytime or anywhere – whether on your phone or computer at home or work”.

Like WhatsApp web, the desktop too doesn’t work independently and is synced with the phone which means that the desktop app too will require your phone with an active internet connection.


If we talk from the security perspective, it is indeed a good requirement set by WhatsApp to have the device to use the desktop app or the WhatsApp Web. It also means that all the messages are sent to a single device making it easier to know even if somebody’s account is hacket. WhatsApp has also kep mobile as a centre of its focus allowing users to sign up only using the phone number. In short, you cannot run the app on tablets or other platforms.

The new WhatsApp desktop app can be downloaded on Windows running Windows 8 and above and on Mac running OS X 10.9 and above. The app can be downloaded from WhatsApp’s website and scan the QR code using the app on phone to get going, same as how it is done in case of WhatsApp Web.


Does a WhatsApp desktop app make you happy? Share your views in the comments below.



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