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WhatsApp Video Calling Might Arrive Soon

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All of us have been waiting for WhatsApp video calling since December, haven’t we? Why December? It was at that time when the video calling in WhatsApp was first discovered in an iOS beta release. The feature has now been spotted at a few more places now, giving us more hints on the feature launch.

WhatsApp is clearly the most used messenger in the world with over a billion active users. Having said that, the now-Facebook-child has been a little on the slower side to adapt new features as compared to the rival apps. Talking about the voice call, it took WhatsApp five years to come out with it in April last year.

With the voice call feature rolled out and working well, the users now await the video calling. Although we have hints that it is coming soon, but no clue when. The hints are clear enough by the experiments WhatsApp has been doing with the iOS and Android beta releases.

There have also come up few screenshots by Android Police that show “video call,” and “video calling is unavailable at this time.”


More screenshots from WhatsApp in Android show a “video calling is unavailable at this time” warning along a new video calling icon in the calls log screen.


One of the WhatsApp’s beta release also hinted towards joining groups using NFC tags or QR codes along with the option of sharing ZIP files. An option might also come up allowing the users to leave voicemails when the recipient does not answer the call.

Screenshots: Android Police

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