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Announcements from WWDC 2016 you need to know

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Apple’s June Special Event did have a lot in store in the form of WWDC 2016. The annual developers conference saw a number of interesting announcements being made. Ranging from watchOS to iOS 10 to macOS Sierra, let us take you through the major ones.



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iOS 10


One of the most anticipated announcements at every developer conference is of the annual iOS refresh. Talking about the new iOS 10, it was announced in the form of 10 biggest features that Apple has come out with in the new iOS 10. Also, Apple has included 3D touch almost everywhere and anywhere in the usage of these features. As a brief, the top 10 features of iOS 10 included the following:

  1. Redesigned lock screen notifications
  2. Siri being made to Developers
  3. QuickType- new default keyboard on iOS
  4. Redesigned Photos app
  5. Apple Maps now open to developers
  6. Apple Music- A complete overhaul
  7. Redesigned Apple News
  8. HomeKit- New Home app
  9. Phone now shows third-party app calls like regular ones
  10. Messages- loads of new add-ons

macOS Sierra

We now have a rebranding in place- OS X is now termed as macOS. Siri would now be available on the traditional Apple computers with the new macOS. iCloud Drive is one of the many features and improvements that you would come across in the new macOS Sierra.

watchOS 3

With the launch of watchOS 3, using the Apple Watch will give an experience which would be 7 times faster than the current one. The apps would launch faster, choice of new faces and apps for Reminders and Find my Friends. The best part for me- replying to messages using the new Scribble features which turns what you scribble into characters.


Hello! Yes, tvOS is also supposed to get updated with every year’s WWDC. Same is the case this time too. This particular upgrade is a major one in the sense that it will provide single sign-on for cable logins and now also has a dark mode. Watching live TV and interacting with Siri would now have evident improvements.



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