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Blue iPhone 7 looks beautiful in new mockup images

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There is a word around that Apple might introduce a new colour to the upcoming iPhone 7 launching this fall. However, the new colour won’t be another shade of gold.

A number of rumours have recently claimed that iPhone 7 might feature in a ‘Deep Blue’ colour. Sounds a little strange to hold a blue iPhone? You definitely need to check out these recent mockups by Martin Hajek which makes blue iPhone 7 look beautiful.


iPhone 7 is expected to look just like the existing iPhone 6s but then a new attractive colour would always get a big welcome from the Apple consumers.


With iPhone 7 probable to come in two sizes, the bigger one dubbed as iPhone 7 Pro might come with a dual-lens camera, 3D imaging and zooming.

More changes might include the redesigned antenna lines, elimination of the standard 3.5mm audio jack and new touch sensitive home button.

What are your thoughts on the blue coloured iPhone 7 mockup images?



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