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iOS 10 beta hints new Dark Mode interface

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The first iOS 10 beta is being worked upon by the Apple developers and it has some good news for all of us. The company seems to be secretly working on a new interface which would feature a dark mode. The feature still looks to be in the development phase, but then these beautiful images show us how wonderful it would be when it finally matures and is rolled out.

Dark mode is one thing all of us wish to have on our iPhones. The dark theme not only makes it soothing for the eyes to operate but is also ideal for the OLED displays that the upcoming iPhone might feature next year. Also, the mode being talked about will consume lesser power as compared to the normal mode we use currently.

How to check out the dark mode in iOS 10 beta? Well, it can only be achieved using the Xcode simulator for now. However, it is not really worth the effort as the feature is only in the early stages of development. The concept images though show us how the dark mode on iPhone might look like when it is actually out.


Considering that the dark mode has surfaced only in the first iOS 10 beta, one cannot be sure if it would make it to the final iOS 10 version which would be rolled out in the fall later this year. Like the iPhone 7 rumours, we might get to imagine more about the iOS 10 too.

Would you want to use the dark mode on your iPhone? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Images via Similary44/Reddit



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