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Messages on iOS 10 support inline YouTube play, rich link previews and more

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Messages has always been one of the much used apps on iOS and Apple has announced a number of major enhancements in there with the launch of iOS 10. With the new iOS version, Messages will show rich link previews, ability to play YouTube videos inline and a lot more to be done with the camera within the app.


In Messages on iOS 10, you would be able to take a picture within the app via a camera window right above the keyboard. Whoa! That sounds cool already. Attaching an existing image will work as it currently does. The emoji will now be seen 3x in iOS 10 and the keyboard predictions will include emoji too. What more? Tap the emoji to get a word as its replacement.

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Also coming in are the new effects like the moving bubbles, resizing and a lot more for expressing emotions. A new feature of ‘invisible ink’ allows writing on an image and texts which can only be revealed by sliding across them. Hand written messages are also now supported.


iMessage would now be open to developers and an App Drawer to show the various apps developed for Messages. Stickers would also find in the way here in iOS 10.


Do you like iMessage? What is that something you wish comes in there? Share in the comments below.



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