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Apple allows Siri to integrate with third party apps in iOS 10

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In the latest event WWDC 2016 Apple said that it will open up Siri its digital assistant to the third party applications, taking its artificial intelligence to the next level. This new feature will enable Siri to integrate with the non-Apple apps and can help you with plenty of stuff such as searching photos, sending messages and even making payments.

“Now you’ll be able to tell Siri send a WeChat,” said Apple vice president Craig Federighi, referring to the Chinese messaging application. Federighi also said Siri will also work with apps like Slack, WhatsApp, Uber and Lyft, for example.

The announcement at Apple’s annual developer conference in San Francisco is bringing an all new approach for the Cupertino giant. Till now Apple has largely kept its services self-contained on the iOS. We will be seeing this new feature in the iOS 10 coming later this year.

Apart from Siri, Apple Maps will also be available to the third party applications. After a rocky start in 2012, this might be a game changer for the Apple Maps

This will mean that iPhone users navigating with Apple Maps can, for example, make a restaurant reservation using a third-party service such as Open Table, said Apple vice president Eddy Cue.

Apple also announced that it will bring Siri to its very own Mac computer system, allowing users to search through the voice commands. This is a big leap for Siri, which currently faces huge competition from Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa.

In the next versions of iOS, we can be optimistic and expect Apple to extend further the number of applications that can integrate with Siri. However, will it expand into certain areas that it wants to dominate with first-party services?
A lot will be answered with the launch of iOS 10



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Saahil Tuteja

Saahil Tuteja

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