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Want a Jet Black iPhone 7? Well, wait for November!

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iPhone 7 pre-orders are already under way and people are already going crazy over black- be it the matte black or the glossy jet black.

Just in case you have decided to own a jet black iPhone 7, you’d need to wait for November to get one. Coming on to the matte black, that too would take you roughly 2-3 weeks to get one. These aren’t really good signs for Apple as it is difficult to conclude if the delayed shipments are indeed due to an impressive demand or more so because of the low supply.


Now the problem with the iPhone Upgrade Program is that you can’t upgrade your iPhone from a third-party if the supplies run low on the official Apple Stores. So all you are left to do is- WAIT. However, if you did manage to get in the early-morning queues outside the Apple Stores, you would have probably got lucky with a successful black or jet black pre-order.



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