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Watching a 5 second video can crash your iPhone

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There is a short 5 second MP4 video doing rounds online that might just make your iPhone to crash and lock up. And when it happens, the only way to get it back to work is by force rebooting the device. The video is believed to have originated from Miaopai which is a Weibo video-sharing app.

When you start watching the video, your iPhone would not crash off immediately. Just a few seconds into it and you would feel your iPhone to have slowed down which eventually ends up freezing the device completely.

The bug not only occurs on the recent and latest iOS versions but goes back all the way to iOS 5. The older your iPhone generation, the faster it will crash. If you get trapped into watching this spam video, perform a force reboot by simultaneously holding the power and the home button of your iPhone till you see an Apple logo screen.

There has been no official word from Apple yet to confirm the bug. Also, there have been numerous cases before wherein crash bugs have frustrated the users. It was earlier this year when there were links shared that led to CrashSafari dot come to crash PCs and phones with browsers having overloaded by a self-generating address bar string.

All we can do is hope for Apple to fix this in the next iOS update and at the same time stay away from forwarded video links.

Check out this video below by EverythingApplePro:



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