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How to Manage Storage on iPhone and Increase it

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Storage plays a key parameter while deciding on which phone to buy. The storage bit becomes even more important when it comes to buying or using an iPhone. If you are using a 16GB or a 32GB variant on iPhone, you might as well understand what I am referring to. However, what matters the most here is that you should know how to manage storage on iPhone, and trust me, it is indeed very simple.

There is always a possibility that there are at least a few apps on your iPhone which you don’t use or use them on rare occasions. Also, there are some very popular apps which keep on caching data on your iPhone and thereby increasing the overall app size. It is very important to identify such apps and do what we have shown in the video below.

We have done a video on how to manage storage on iPhone and also increase the available storage as well without losing any data whatsoever. Here’s the video for you:

Apple iPhone started shipping with 32GB as the base variant from iPhone 7 onwards whereas the base variant used to be 16GB prior to that. Using a 16GB started to become a task with every passing day after a couple of months. Also, the average app size on App Storage has drastically increased and the improvement in the camera has led to capturing heavily sized photos and videos. So it becomes very important to manage storage on iPhone and use it to our advantage. As you must have seen in the video above, there are three easy ways how you can increase the available storage on an iPhone.

These were some of the ways you can manage storage on iPhone and increase it as well. We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.



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