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Steve Jobs portrait made of Personal Computer artifacts

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Jason Mercier- an artist who is particularly famous for using Apple devices for his work. He does not use the devices as it is though, breaks them into pieces for work. With the death anniversary approaching later this year, this Steve Jobs portrait is definitely worth a look.

The artist has got a lot of fame in the San Francisco Bay Area for using trash to create mosaics looking like celebrities. His cousin approached him to make a portrait for the Apple founder Steve Jobs and Jason knew that he had to use Apple products Jobs had a hand in. And that’s what he exactly did. Mercier using 20 pounds of old discarded computer debris and affixed them using staple guns and glue to form a Steve Jobs portrait of the famous Albert Watson photograph.

Knowledge about his subject


“I didn’t really know that much about him,” Mercier says of Jobs. “I watched some of the movies on him and got the full scope. That’s when I became really interested in him.”

If we look across the globe, there came up an enormous amount of artwork when he succumbed to cancer back in 2011. What more? He has been a subject of bronze statues, tattoos, an Oscar-nominated movie, an opera and not to forget, a painted bubble wrap portrait too.


Mercier’s also did a few of his initial portraits using noodles. However, he soon moved to trash and other objects around. He also has portraits made using colorful candies like gumdrops and licorice. The story does not end here. He has also approached celebrities to send their trash stuff so that he could use it into their portraits. No that’s what you call adding life to the picture.

Talking about the Jobs portrait, Jason borrowed material from his tech friends and also from stores who deal in old keyboards and other internal parts. Apple software disks, a mouse, computer keys, power chords and an iPod are some of the elements used in this Jobs portrait. Having said that, his sweater is made of a number of non-Apple pieces owing to the color the artist required.

What are the craziest Steve Jobs artworks you have seen? Share with us in the comments below.



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